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Why You Should Consider A Havanese As Your Family Pet

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If you are looking for a great pet that is great for the whole family, consider looking at a Havanese. These precious pups have a variety of benefits that make them the ideal addition to any family. This growing breed of dog is quickly making its way into homes each year because of the following: 

Havanese Are Notoriously Affectionate

If you want a dog that loves you more than anything else, the Havanese may be the one for you. These dogs are known for being very friendly and loving. They become quickly attached to their owners and love to sit on your lap. They love being social and making new friends with everyone.

Havanese Are Perfect for Any Size Home

Whether you live in an apartment or on a large acreage, the Havanese can be perfect for wherever you live. These dogs are quite small and fluffy. They are especially popular among those who live in an urban environment due to their smaller stature. You do need to ensure the dogs get adequate exercise no matter where they live.

Havanese Are Mostly Hypoallergenic

If you need a dog that does not shed and kick up your allergies, a Havanese can be a good option. Hypoallergenic dogs are those who do not shed hair and dander, so you do not have to be concerned about an allergic reaction. Keep in mind no dog is ever fully hypoallergenic. If you have a severe dog hair and dander allergy, make sure to speak to your breeder about your allergies and get their opinion on if a Havanese will trigger a reaction.

Havanese Are Trainable

Every dog needs proper training. Some dogs are more receptive to training than others. Thankfully, a Havanese puppy is one of the easier breeds to train. You should have the puppy enrolled in training classes, make sure they are socialized while they are still young, and even get help from a personal dog trainer for the best results. Keep in mind that the Havanese respond best to a positive training method. Gentle training is best for any dog but is especially true for an affectionate and loving Havanese.

A Havanese is a wonderful addition when you are looking for a new dog for your home. Be sure to talk to the breeder before you make the decision to go with this breed as a pet. You should follow any special care instructions, including proper grooming for their fluffy coat and feeding schedules to ensure you have a happy, healthy pet.

Contact a local breeder, such as a family-raised Havanese breeder, to learn more.