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5 Grooming Tasks That Improve Your Dog's Health

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Professional dog grooming isn't just about your dog's appearance and cleanliness. Grooming is also an important health maintenance task for your pet. Although a groomer is not a veterinarian, they do perform important tasks that will improve your pet's health as well as catch developing health issues before they become severe concerns. 

1. Paw Inspection

Grooming often begins at the paws up, and for good reason. Dogs can be prone to several issues when it comes to paw health. Your groomer will typically begin by trimming nails, as overly long nails can be painful for your pup. Fur may also need to be trimmed from between the toe pads in order to avoid irritation and trapped debris. Finally, the paws are inspected for injuries that may require more in-depth treatment.

2. Skin Disorders

If your dog seems to be constantly scratching, you may simply assume they need a bath. Unfortunately, thick dog fur can sometimes hide skin conditions that are causing the frustrating itchiness. When your groomer bathes and trims your pup, they are also checking the skin for signs of irritation or infection. If your groomer spots a potential skin issue, they will let you know so you can set up an appointment with your vet.  

3. Injury Checks

It's possible to miss small injuries on your pet due to thick or matted fur. Abrasions and cuts, as well as strange lumps or bumps, can go unnoticed by even the most attentive dog owner. A groomer feels every inch of your pup's body, so it is likely that they will find any hidden injuries. Further, once your dog is groomed it is much easier to check them over for possible injuries yourself. 

4. Eye Care

Dogs with longer facial fur particularly around the eyes are more prone to eye irritation and infection. In severe cases, infection can lead to loss of eyesight. These pups require careful grooming around the eyes to ensure fur doesn't cause irritation. Cleaning of the eye areas is also often necessary, as dogs with a lot of fur around the eyes tend to tear up more easily and produce more eye mucus.

5. Dental Health

No grooming session is complete without teeth cleaning. Dogs don't brush their teeth daily, so periodic deep cleanings by a professional are an excellent way to help your pup avoid cavities and dental infections. Not only will this improve your pet's dental health, but it will also improve their breath.

Contact a pet grooming service to set up a full-service appointment for your furry friend. 

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