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Why Buy A Ball Python?

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Pets can be a great comfort. They can brighten your day and keep you company when you're lonely. Some pets, like cats and dogs, need quite a bit of space and require lots of upkeep. Other pets are better choices for people who live in apartments or maintain busy lifestyles. Reptiles can be fantastic pets for people of all ages. Of the reptiles available, ball pythons are some of the easiest for beginners to own. Here are four reasons you should make a ball python your next pet:

1. They eat infrequently.

Most pets must be fed at least twice a day. Some cat owners keep their pet's bowl filled so their feline friend can graze throughout the day. However, feeding dogs and cats can get expensive. Ball pythons eat infrequently, so they are inexpensive to feed. Ball pythons typically eat small rodents. You can choose to live-feed your pet if you want, but most snakes will happily eat warmed rodents that have been previously frozen. Adult ball pythons only need to eat every two weeks, so feeding your snake won't take up much of your time.

2. They are docile.

All snakes have their own personalities and temperaments. However, there are some trends in behavior among snake species. In general, ball pythons are mellow, relaxed snakes. They are not aggressive. If you're nervous around snakes, a ball python is a good first reptile to own. With repetition and short sessions, you can get your ball python used to being handled. Carry your ball python in your hands or wrap them around your shoulders to show them off to family and friends. 

3. They live long lives.

The death of a pet is unavoidable, but it's always sad. Fortunately, ball pythons live long lives, so you can spend many years with your new friend. Ball pythons can live as long as thirty years in captivity, according to Snake Country. When you take proper care of your snake, it will thrive.

4. They are hypoallergenic.

If you suffer from pet allergies, you know how miserable a furry friend can make you. Dog and cat fur is a common allergen. Since these pets shed, it can be impossible to keep your home allergen-free while owning a dog or cat. Most mammals produce dander as well, which is another powerful allergen. Fortunately, you can still own a pet if you're allergic to fur or dander. Ball pythons are hypoallergenic. You can own a ball python and handle it all you want without succumbing to the ill effects of allergies.

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