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3 Things About Pomeranians You Should Know Before Adopting A Puppy

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If you believe that Pomeranians are just about the cutest animals that ever existed, you may be thinking about adopting one. However, before you go to a breeder and bring one home, consider the following things about Pomeranians before you consider adopting a puppy.

1.  Pomeranians Think They Are Big Dogs

One thing you may love about Pomeranians is how little they stay. They typically grow to weigh only a few pounds and are small enough that you can fit them inside an oversized purse or bag.

However, Pomeranians tend to not know they are small. They consider themselves to be large and have the attitude to go with it. If you are walking your puppy down the street, and they see a big dog, they may decide to challenge the other dog to show just how big they truly are—on the inside, at least.

2.  Their Coats Require a Lot of Maintenance

Along with their big attitude, Pomeranians also have big hair. Their coats are fluffy and soft, which may be one of the reasons why you are attracted to the breed in the first place. Their thick, poofy hair resembles a walking pom-pom that is adorable.

However, with great hair comes great responsibility for you. To keep their hair from tangling and becoming a flat mess, you will need to regularly shampoo and brush it. And, because of all of the hair, you will also find yourself vacuuming and dusting more often when they shed.

3.  They Suffer from High Anxiety When Left Alone

Another important thing to know about Pomeranians is that they are very social dogs. They expect you to be around more often than not, which can give them extreme anxiety when they are left alone.

They need a lot of companionship, so if you are going to be gone more a regular eight-hour day and have no one at home during those hours, know that your dog will probably act out by chewing on furniture or shoes or even going to the bathroom in your house. To help combat this, you may want to arrange for someone to drop by to give your puppy some love.

If you are willing to put in the time to take care of your puppy, Pomeranians can be very loyal and loving pets. For more information about the breed or about adopting one, contact a breeder or service that offers Pomeranian puppies for sale