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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Boarding Facility For Your Dog

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In most households, dogs are beloved members of the family. Thus, when you're traveling or have to be away from home for an extended time, it is natural to want your dog to be comfortable and well cared for. Many people choose to board their dog when they are on vacation or traveling, which is a great option; however, it is important to choose the right boarding facility for your dog. Use the following tips to find the best boarding facility for your pup:

Tour the Facility

Before you decide on a boarding facility for your dog, it is important to tour the facility in person. Don't rely on photographs that you may find online--it is important to observe the facility yourself. Pay attention to how the facility smells, how clean it is, and how the staff interacts with the animals being boarded there. A good dog boarding facility will not rush your tour, and staff members will be available to answer any questions that you may have.

Look for Staffing Around the Clock

It is never in your best interest to leave your dog at a boarding facility that does not have staff onsite 24 hours a day. Even if dogs are kept in their own kennel areas at night, someone still needs to be there in case there is an emergency. A boarding facility that is staffed 24 hours a day most likely cares very much about the animals in their care.

Choose a Boarding Facility that Focuses on a Dog's Comfort

No dog owner wants to imagine their pup sitting alone in a small kennel for days on end while being boarded. In this day and age, many reputable boarding facilities offer a number of things to help ensure that your dog is happy and comfortable during their stay. Look for a boarding facility that offers supervised play time with other dogs during the day, frequent walks, and treats. Boarding facilities with these services will help ensure that your dog gets all of their energy out during the day so they are ready to sleep in their kennel area at night.

Ask About Procedures in Case of an Emergency

For your peace of mind, always ask a dog boarding facility their plans for handling an emergency. A reputable dog boarding facility should have a specific vet that they work with if services are needed, as well as a plan to transport a sick or injured dog to an animal hospital if the need arises.