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Looking For A Small Companion Dog? Check Out A Coton De Tulear

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If you live alone, having a companion dog can provide you with someone to come home to, talk to, exercise with, and give you unconditional love. However, living alone often means your living space is not big enough for the large dogs that most consider good for protection. Don't be fooled into thinking you need something big and ferocious—small dogs can be just as protective, and they are also able to sit in your lap. When you start your search, find a breeder who has Coton de Tulear puppies for sale. You just may find your new best friend.

Long, Soft Coat with Little Shedding

If you have allergies or do not want to worry about constantly cleaning up dog hair, this breed is a good choice for you. The Coton has a soft, cottony coat that can be clipped short or allowed to grow long. An advantage this pup has over most long-haired breeds is that it does not shed much. Let its hair grow long during cold months without needing to vacuum every day.

Playful and Snuggly

Some breeds of dogs are rambunctious to the point of being annoying while others are more like couch potatoes. The Coton loves to run and play, but also enjoys just snuggling in your lap. If you want a pet that will encourage you to get out and exercise daily to take it for walks, yet that can also be calm and relaxed inside, this is a good choice. In addition, this dog likes to play and can be taught to fetch quite readily. The small size allows you to toss a ball for the pup inside without having things crashing to the floor when it gets excited.

Gentle and Loyal

With proper socialization, a Coton will be very gentle with other people and animals. You won't have to worry about going to the park with it. However, it is also a very loyal dog—if someone appears to be angry or attempting to harm you, this little ball of fur will go into defensive mode. As long as you are comfortable with the situation, your dog will be too.

Everyone falls in love with puppies no matter what the breed; you just can't resist their cuteness. When the puppy is a Coton de Tulear, that cuteness never goes away. Your dog will stay on the small side, and be fluffy and cute for its whole life. It will play with you, relax with you, listen to you, and always be there for you.