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Three Ways To Make Your Home A Healthier Environment For Your Cat

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Your cat spends his entire life in your home so, if your home is not a healthy environment, your cat will be at a higher risk of developing health problems. By making these changes, you can make your home a healthier environment for your cat.

Switch to pet-friendly cleaning products.

A lot of conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that cause health problems for cats. They may irritate their skin and respiratory system or cause digestive upset when eaten. Start choosing products that are labeled "pet-friendly," as these will be a lot safer for your cat. You can also tackle most cleaning tasks with simple vinegar or baking soda. Vinegar kills germs, and baking soda is good at scrubbing away tough, caked-on grime.

Put the cat food and litter boxes on different levels.

A lot of house cats are quite sedentary, and this can lead to obesity and diabetes. Unless your cat is elderly and has mobility issues, try placing his food and litter box on two separate levels of your home. If your home is one story, place them on opposite sides of the apartment. This will force your cat to move around a bit more and get some exercise.

Provide high-up spaces for your cat to perch.

Cats who are stressed out can suffer from an array of health issues, from an increased risk of infection to skin lesions from over-grooming. One of the best ways to promote better mental health in cats is to ensure they have somewhere high to perch. They feel safer and more secure when they can look down at the world below. A stool placed next to a dresser to allow your cat to jump up works well. There are also specialized cat climbing towers sold at many pet stores.

Grow grass for your cat.

Though cats are carnivores, they sometimes like to nibble on some grass when their stomachs are upset. The grass may make them vomit, which clears the stomach of hair balls and other irritants. It sounds gross, but it's a natural part of how your cat's digestive system works. The grass also promotes healthy bowel movements. Plant some grass in a little pot, and keep it on a windowsill that your cat can access. Show him where it is so he can use it as needed.

To learn more about designing a healthier home for your cat, speak with your veterinarian.