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Honor Your Recently Deceased Dog's Life With A Unique Memorial Service

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If your dog recently passed away from old age, you and your family can honor them and celebrate their life with a unique memorial service by adding the following ideas to the plans that you make.

Gather In Your Backyard To Share Thoughts

Arrange a group of chairs in your backyard, near the spot in your yard that will be used as a final resting spot, to discuss the passing of your pet and your favorite times that were spent with them. Allow your family members to take turns speaking about their fondest memories, as well.

Select some photographs of your pet prior to the event and arrange them in a photo album. Pass the album around while you and your family are sitting in the chairs and discuss the events that took place on the days that the pictures were taken. Prepare a poem or short speech that describes your pet and recite it aloud before the ceremony comes to a close.

Plant A Memory Tree

Purchase a small tree from a local nursery to plant with your family next to the burial location. Refer to the tree as a memory tree and allow each of your family members to hang descriptions of their favorite times spent with your pet, written on laminated index cards with small holes in them, and secure them to some of the branches with ornament hooks or string. Instruct each person to share what was written on their card as they hang it from one of the branches.

After the memorial ceremony is over, leave the laminated cards on the tree for several days so you and your family can read them whenever they want to, if they would like. Plan a watering schedule for the tree and have each person in your family take turns adding the amount that is needed.

Erect A Personalized Stone Or Marker

Order a personalized stone or marker from a business that sells memorial supplies. Have your pet's name and picture etched into the memorial item so that the finished product will clearly identify the burial location of your beloved pet. Set the stone or marker into the ground after burying your pet and plant some flowers around it with your family. Make an effort to visit the stone regularly with your family and speak about your pet in order to keep their memory fresh in each person's mind.

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