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3 Ways To Make Boarding Your Cat More Comfortable

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When you travel and cannot take your favorite feline with you, boarding may become the best solution for you. Boarding your cat ensures they have a safe place to call home for a few days, but the transition from your residence to a new location can be stressful. Cats don't travel well, so you want to make sure you do everything you can to keep them comfortable. Here are 3 ways to make boarding more comfortable for your cat.


Your veterinarian can prescribe your cat a mild tranquilizer to help them relax and not thrash around in fright while they are being transported by carrier to the boarding facility. When you do sedate your cat, make sure the boarding facility personnel know so they can ensure your cat is placed in a warm and quiet environment. Low blood pressure and hypothermia are common side effects in sedated cats, so make sure the boarding facility knows to look for signs of lethargy, disorientation, shivering, or loss of appetite hours after your cat should be recovering from their medication. If any issues arise, the facility should call you or your vet immediately, so leave emergency numbers with the front desk.

Familiar items

Cats are used to routine, so try to make their boarding experience as normal for them as possible. Water and food dishes, cat food and treats, toys, and bedding should all be left with your cat where they are boarded so they can feel more like they are at home. If you feed your cat at a regular time, let the boarding facility know so they can continue this feed time for you.

Carrier training

Before you travel, try to get your cat used to its carrier so they won't feel entirely trapped or uncomfortable left in a large kennel at a boarding facility. You can do this by placing food and water dishes in your cat's carrier for a few days so they become accustomed to eating out of a smaller space. You can also place their bedding in the carrier so they will be encouraged to sleep there.

Your cat will have an easier time being boarded if you take certain measures to make the experience less stressful. Sedation for frightened cats, familiar items, and even carrier training can all be beneficial in helping your cat transition to a boarding facility's surroundings. In doing these things your cat can have a more successful experience being boarded, and you can feel confident they will stress less while you travel. Contact a company like Academy Of Canine Behavior to learn more about boarding your cat.