Choosing Pets That Are Safe For Kids

All About Red Labradoodle Puppies

17 Feb

If you are looking for a puppy to add to your family, then you want to make sure you choose the best breed for your and your family’s wants and needs. There are literally hundreds of different breeds out there, and then there are mixed breeds. Sometimes, two breeds can come together to create what […]

Looking For A Small Companion Dog? Check Out A Coton De Tulear

2 Dec

If you live alone, having a companion dog can provide you with someone to come home to, talk to, exercise with, and give you unconditional love. However, living alone often means your living space is not big enough for the large dogs that most consider good for protection. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need […]

Is That Lump On Your Dog Cancer? Three Reasons Not To Worry—Too Much

3 Nov

Perhaps you’re brushing your pup or scratching his or her belly. You suddenly discover a small bump on your dog’s skin that you’ve never noticed before. Your heart does a little flip flop, and your mind races ahead to the image of your vet sadly pronouncing the verdict: cancer. Finding a growth on your furry […]

Three Ways To Make Your Home A Healthier Environment For Your Cat

28 Sep

Your cat spends his entire life in your home so, if your home is not a healthy environment, your cat will be at a higher risk of developing health problems. By making these changes, you can make your home a healthier environment for your cat. Switch to pet-friendly cleaning products. A lot of conventional cleaning […]

Honor Your Recently Deceased Dog’s Life With A Unique Memorial Service

6 Sep

If your dog recently passed away from old age, you and your family can honor them and celebrate their life with a unique memorial service by adding the following ideas to the plans that you make. Gather In Your Backyard To Share Thoughts Arrange a group of chairs in your backyard, near the spot in […]

Did Your Dog Run Away Or Are They Just Hiding?

12 Aug

When you can’t find your dog, it’s easy to get scared and assume the worst. The instinct is to believe that they ran away from home, but there’s a chance they may just be hiding somewhere in your home. Before you lose track of your dog again, it’s important to know when your dog might […]

3 Common Dog Skin Issues

8 Aug

If you find that your dog is licking or scratching certain areas of his or her skin on a consistent basis, he or she may have a skin issue. Many times, these skin issues are the same exact problems that can befall a human, while other times, they are issues that are exclusive to dogs. […]

Three Food Types You Shouldn’t Feed Your Cat

7 Aug

Are you on the verge of saying yes to sharing your living space and life with a feline friend? Naturally, you’ll want to keep the furry bundle of joy happy and healthy, and that starts with avoiding bad nutrition. Following are three food types that should be avoided because they can cause health problems in […]

A Packing List For Your First Horse Show

5 Aug

Preparation is key when you’re getting ready to enter your first horse show. That is why it’s important to make a list of the items you will need for the show and then pack them up the night before.  Your Horse’s Hooves If your mount happens to pick up a stone while in the practice […]

Three Things Gerbil Owners Need To Know About Nasal Dermatitis

2 Aug

Nasal dermatitis, also called sore nose or facial eczema, is a serious condition that may affect your pet gerbil. Here are three things gerbil owners need to know about nasal dermatitis. What are the signs of nasal dermatitis? If your gerbil develops nasal dermatitis, you’ll see hairless lesions on their snout. These lesions are red, […]

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